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  • It started in China. Now it’s here NEXT DOOR to you.

  • Your neighbour just tested positive.

  • The scare is NOW all too real and disturbingly close.

  • Stop just praying the virus leaves you unharmed. Or hoping someone will come to your rescue.not

  • That’s leaving Your Life to chance! You cannot afford to do so.

  • The virus may be the problem. But YOU are the solution.

  • The only way to fight this invisible monster is with knowledge. And, knowledge is not just power in this case. It can be a real life-saver for you and that of your loved ones. And that’s this book.

Staggering Statistics That Will Scare the Strongest

  • Coronavirus: 1,182,100 confirmed cases. 
  • DEATHS:  64,400 and increasing hourly.
  • Infection rates spike daily.
  • Coronavirus is more contagious than the common flu.
  •  A very high KILL rate.
  • Plagues are real. Coronavirus is a plague. Covid-19 infection control is out of control.
  • Catching this infection could prove just as fatal as being ignorant about the disease.

      Are you struggling to know the truth about how to:

  • Crush the Coronavirus.
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Increase your odds to avoid the disease.

        Social media is awash with every kind of true and false news. Remedies abound from the downright weird to supposed medically approved ones. What should you believe and follow? Cut through the clutter to find clarity regarding Covid-19.

        Much like the book “SARS: The Epidemic – And Other Modern Plagues” by Candee Tremblay, Corona911Virus is an absolute must read to end this menace. 

Increase your chances of Survival.

Need Specific Answers? This is a Godsent Guide

 In the Table of Contents, the book covers crucial information on topics such as 3 Best Practices to Avoid contracting this Killer Covid-19 disease. If you get it, what should you do?


  • Prepare for the worst! Follow the Prevention Path.

  • How to make your own hand sanitizer with products that are not SOLD out.

  • Coronavirus Symptoms and how does it spread? 

  • Coronavirus –The #1 Supplement to help combat this pandemic spreading like wildfire.

  • 5 Supplements you should stockpile now before they are not available.

  • Is there a cure for COVID-19?

  • How Is Coronavirus diagnosed and treated?

  • How patients with a history of respiratory challenges should exercise caution.

  • Hygiene practices that are critical to follow.

  • The kind of hand sanitizers that will have the best impact (a close look at their ingredients).

  • Eating foods that help boost immunity.

  • The basics of emergency food stockpiling.

  • How to chill out at home (crossword puzzles, online recipes, virtual museums, etc.).

  • What are the COVID-19 hot zones?

    The list doesn’t stop here! Buy this eBook to find out more.

COVID-19 Infection Control Guidelines to Follow

  • Here are a few Coronavirus safety tips you can practice at home:
  • Consume foods rich in ascorbic acid or Vitamin C like oranges, lemons. Herbs and spices, essential oils, fermented foods, nutrient-dense foods, etc. also help boost immunity.
  • Handwashing is critical. Social distancing is imperative. Keep to the 6-feet/6-second rule and do not venture in public unless essential. 
  • Scoff that it can’t take you down, but at your own peril. People have paid the price for believing they can escape its clutches. 
  • A few changes to your lifestyle can go a long way in preventing you from catching an infection. Drinking lots of water, wearing a mask whenever you step out, using hand sanitizers regularly, etc.  Learn a ton more in the book

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The danger is real, not media hype. And, it’s not just one country, or two, or three. It is the entire planet. Worrying and panicking won’t help. Stress actually weakens your immunity. 

ARM yourself with knowledge about fighting and defeating this deadly virus. Get this book right now to stop Coronavirus in its path.

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